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Producer Sandy Pearlman and Wordsmith Bones have been honing their sound since the group formed in 2012, and are set to demolish what you THINK you know about hip-hop with a major release due out this fall. By combining traditional elements of the genre with their love of indie, folk, and even screamo music they have created a distinct and eclectic catalogue of songs for your listening pleasure. The pair has piled their wide-ranging creative expertise into establishing their own style and brand, using hobbies like fine cuisine and graphic design to compliment their musical identity. From referencing bangers (not just the club kind) in their lyrics to laser cutting their own wooden pendants for merch, Sandy Pearlman and Bones have everything covered. The two are well-established in their community and have a reputation for exceptional beats, quick raps, and grimy house parties. Their first musical release was in the spring of 2012, which features 5 original tracks that you can download.

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Sandy Pearlman

Harry Joseph Warshaw

Drawing inspiration from both music he grew up listening to and his ever-expanding contemporary music library, Sandy Pearlman focuses on tone and rhythm to create unique instrumentals that blend classical, modern, acoustic, and electronic styles for an entirely new sonic experience. He's been training to be a musician all his life, discovering a love for hip-hop when his mother brought home the "8 Mile" soundtrack. Since then, he's familiarized himself with everything from Beethoven to Notorious B.I.G., Charlie Parker to Kanye West, and Palestrina to Diplo. Sandy has put all of his knowledge and experience to work for the upcoming release of Sandy Pearlman & Bones' first full length project, pushing his creativity beyond any of his previous works.

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Jake Oliveira

An upbringing in a heavily music oriented household has helped rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and designer Bones to find his footing in the ever changing eco-system that is the music industry. As a fan of genres such as post-hardcore, folk, indie, EDM, and punk, his eclectic music taste provides the foundation for a special brand of intricate and original wordplay. Lyrically, Bones focuses on crafting thought provoking verses that provide substance through metaphors, and double entendres whilst exposing a sincere and unique personality. He has spent the past year writing lyrics and creating custom designed material from album artwork, to merch, to posters, and everything in between in preparation for the duo’s full length album drop.

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