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Sandy Pearlman & Bones is an experimental hip-hop duo based in Toronto, Canada. The two have been active since 2012, collaborating to create unique music inspired by their diverse tastes that defies genre. Driven by backgrounds in graphic and product design and musical production, the Sandy Pearlman & Bones mandate is the constant innovation of their sound, style and visual identity. To date they have released three EPs and one full-length effort. The latter, 2D, an adept hybridization of hip-hop, punk and electronic music, was tracked at Revolution Recording in Toronto. For a subsequent EP Alec Dancy, the group experimented with branding potential with custom logo lollipops and laser-cut wooden logo necklace pendants and earrings as merchandise, and integration of coding and interaction design with the digital release. The group have brought their high-octane live performance and signature audio-reactive animated stage projections to venues across Toronto including The MOD Club, El Mocambo, The Rivoli, Club 77 and York University, as well as to the independent music festival they organize annually, The Pearls & Bones Fest. Their soon-to-be released second full-length album features collaborations with five artists including Doomtree artist P.O.S.

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Sandy Pearlman

Harry Joseph Warshaw

Drawing inspiration from both music he grew up listening to and his ever-expanding contemporary music library, Sandy Pearlman focuses on tone and rhythm to create unique instrumentals that blend classical, modern, acoustic, and electronic styles for an entirely new sonic experience. He's been training to be a musician all his life, discovering a love for hip-hop when his mother brought home the "8 Mile" soundtrack. Since then, he's familiarized himself with everything from Beethoven to Notorious B.I.G., Charlie Parker to Kanye West, and Palestrina to Rick Rubin. Sandy has put all of his knowledge and experience to work for the upcoming release of Sandy Pearlman & Bones' second full length project, pushing his creativity beyond any of his previous works.

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Jake Oliveira

As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Bones draws musical inspiration from a plethora of genres. Be it the droning synths and triggered percussion of the underground hip hop scene, to the bombastic aggression of live instrumentation in rock and metal music, to the attention to allegory mastered by the best singer/songwritters. Topically, the emcee is inspired by the world around him, and on a more personal level by the interactions that sculpt ones psyche on a day to day basis. Bones has spent the past year crafting his most cohesive and experimentally ambitious songs yet for the release of Pearls & Bones’ fifth project. Hand in hand with the design of some groundbreaking new merchandise. Fans of the group can expect a doubling down on the signature ©Stag Style.

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